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Progress Report from the Library Staff

Since its closure of library services on the 20th of March, the Library, now established at Sansour Hall, has opened its doors offering some limited services to the academic clientele on Monday, the 23rd of March.

Students and teachers returned or renewed their loaned books and were accommodated in the reading spaces we had on the outer premises of Sansour. Reference questions and referrals were also answered.

As of this time, we regret to say that no further services other than the above can be offered. However, we are pleased to say that all 88,000 + books/journals have been efficiently packed and relocated to allow the work of renovation to take place in the building. 

Unfortunately, the unpacking and re-shelving of books will take some time. We will only be able to serve you as this work progresses. Should some of you need books we have not yet unpacked, we invite you to assist us in searching for the books in the boxes which we have identified by its classification scheme. A Library staff will be available to guide you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our student-assistants who have selflessly given their time in helping us in this tedious job. Their enthusiasm and youthful energy have speeded up our work. We also reiterate our sincere thanks to Mr. Maher Kattan and his maintenance staff for their unconditional assistance. Special mention goes to Mr. Philip Daoud and the Computer Staff for their attentive service and efficient installation of the needed computer tools to run Libsys, OPAC, and our office computers.

Thank you all for your kind support, your cooperation, encouraging words, and visits!



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