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Workshop on “Open Access in E-Libraries”

Bethlehem University Library was invited to attend a workshop on “Open Access in E-Libraries” in Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) in Hebron on Tuesday the 26th of May. Two Library staff, Juana Juha and Jenny Baboun Hodali, have agreed to attend the workshop together with other librarians from various West Bank universities.

The workshop began by a welcoming speech from PPU’s President, Dr. Imad Al-Khatib, who was present together with the Vice President to welcome the attendees. PALICO coordinator, Diana Naser, briefed the attendees with PALICO’s history, aims and activities. She also spoke about the upcoming events which PALICO is planning to hold this year especially in October for the international “Open Access Week”.

The workshop included three sessions which were very informative and beneficial. The first session was given by Muhammad Abu Hamdieh, a Library staff, about the “Open Access”. His session was on open access in general. He defined open access as “…free availability on the public internet…” according to the most widely used definition from the Budapest Open Access Initiative (2002).  He also spoke about the history of open access, the most important initiatives in this domain, the motives behind it, and its importance. He then gave a few examples which we mostly have and the others will be added to our collection.

The second session was given by Ghannam Al-Jabari, the Director of the Computer Center at PPU, about “Using Google Tools for Open Access”. In his session, Al-Jabari focused on Google Scholar and its uses. He also briefly talked about Google books and Google applications for education including gmail, Google drive, Google docs, and Google classroom.

The final session was on “Utilizing Web 2.0 in Open Access Learning” which was given by Dr. Mohammed Tamimi, the Language Center Coordinator at PPU. His presentation was interesting and included creative tools that are available on the internet and their uses for teaching. The one hour session included brief explanations of web 2.0, horizon report, bookmarking/knowledge management such as, documentation and research writing such as, and MOOC.

Finally, the workshop in general was really good and enlightening. One should keep learning and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies that can be used in the teaching and learning process.

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