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Library Liaison Team (LLT) Meeting - Fall 2015

The Library Liaison Team (LLT) meeting seeks to build strong communication between the Library staff and representatives of academic departments. The annual meeting was attended by eleven out of thirteen representatives in addition to the Library staff.

The one-hour meeting was coordinated by Jenny Baboun Hodali who welcomed all the representatives and emphasized on the purpose of the meeting. Then, each of the Library staff presented issues concerning their respective sections through a PowerPoint presentation.

Both the Arabic and English services’ heads, Hala and Vera respectively, presented the budget and expenditures of books for the previous year. They also highlighted the online acquisition process and asked the representatives to try to request books early in order to give time for the bidding process.      

Hala explained that the representatives could order new Arabic books from Catalogs of Books which they can access through Libsys under the title (Arabic Catalogs) or from Publishers' Websites which could be browsed through the Library Homepage.  Nevertheless, they could choose new books from any other resources that meet their needs. She reminded the Faculty representatives to keep using Al-Manhal Database.

The circulation and periodicals services’ head, Rebecca, presented statistics of Library usage and books loaned in Arabic and English through the Academic year 2014-2015. She also presented the usage reports from a few databases. The digital services librarian, Jenny, presented the electronic resources new page in addition to updating the representatives on the ongoing digitization project.

The reference librarian, Valerie, explained to the representatives about the Library-Information Skills sessions which are held within the English 120 course. She also briefed the representatives about the progress of the refurbishment project and highlighting the discussion rooms which will exist in the newly-refurbished library. Moreover, she explained the new policies and regulations for using the new Library discussion rooms which they can read on the library homepage in both Arabic and English languages. Additionally, she explained about the RFID system which will be installed and its various features.

The following issues were raised by the faculty representatives:

  • A request to send the departments a list of the books ordered so that when they receive the alert of receiving the books, they can distinguish which books have been received and which were not. The Library will work on this request.
  • First year students don’t know how to write a bibliography for a report. The Library staff explained that the library sessions didn’t concentrate on how to write a bibliography as each department follows a different style and will have to prepare their own students.
  • A question on ordering videos was also raised. The response was that educational videos can be ordered through the books’ budget. The question of purchasing e-books also came up and in the same manner as that of the video, this will be deducted from the over-all book budget.
  • A request to use the online databases from outside campus was made. The Library staff explained that some can be opened through the BU Academic Portal.
  • A question was raised whether the Arabic 120 students took the same library sessions and the answer was positive.
  • The possibility of buying used books especially when the brand-new ones are expensive was pointed out. The Library staff explained that some books are ordered through Amazon which sometimes has used books.

The meeting in general was dynamic and had interactive discussions. The Library Liaison Team is an effective channel of communication between the Library and the University’s departments. At the end, the representatives were thanked for their attendance and cooperation.  Refreshments were served. 

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