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Iskandar Al-Khouri Al-BeitJali (1890-1973)


The digitization project at Bethlehem University Library aims to convert library resources into digital format to enhance the teaching-learning process and to assist researchers as well. This ongoing process focuses on digitizing resources on and about Palestine. BU Library has recently finished digitizing five books for the Bethlehemite author/poet Iskandar Al-Khouri Al-BeitJali. The following valuable books are available for educational use:


المعلوم المجهول

“Al-Ma’loum Al-Majhoul” (The Known and Unknown) is a poetry book published in 1936. It contains a set of poems for Al-Khouri which were published in a Palestinian newspaper at that time.


الطفل المنشد

“Al-Tefl Al-Monshid” (The Singing Child) is a poetry book for children that was published in 1942.


الحياة بعد الموت

“Al-Hayat Ba’da AL-Maout” (Life After Death) is a historic romantic novel that was written and published in 1920 (Our library has the copy that was published in 1947). The novel is about a love story that took place in the First World War and it highlights how life was in Palestine during that time.


يوميات كهل

“Yaoumyat Kahl” (Diary of an Old Man) is a book which Al-Khouri translated from Russian. The book is the diaries of the Russian author Aleksey Nikolayevich Apukhtin. In his introduction, Al-Khouri explains that he chose to translate this book because of the author’s philosophy and the moral behind the book. This copy was on loan to BUL for digitization purposes.


غابريلا الحسناء

“Gabriella Al-Hasna” (La Belle Gabrielle “The Beautiful Gabriella”) is a book which Al-Khouri translated from French. The story takes place at the beginning of the reign of Henry IV, his adventures and his mistress Gabrielle. It is the copy which is believed to have the corrections and handwriting of Iskandar Al-Khouri. This copy was on loan to BUL for digitization purposes.


Brief Biography of Iskandar al-Khouri Al-BeitJali (1890-1973)

Iskandar Al-Khouri was born in Ein Karem in 1890 to a Christian family from Beit Jala. He studied Arabic Language and Literature at the Seminary Russian boarding school in Nazareth. He also studied French at the Salesian School in Bethlehem. He then received his BA in Arabic Literature from the Greek Catholic Al-Fadila Wal-‘ilm School in Beirut. He taught Arabic and French at different schools before studying law in Jerusalem in 1920 and worked as the head of the Court of Appeal in Jerusalem until 1945. After al-Nakba, he fled from Jerusalem to his parents’ town Beit Jala and died there in 1973.


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