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BU Library Staff Visit Book Exhibition Of The Franciscan Custody, Jerusalem

4th November  2015

The Library of the Custody of the Holy Land was the venue of the exhibition of rare books showcasing the different ways and styles of binding, as early as the 11th century to the present time.  In every style of binding a book, there go the culture of the place and the religious tradition where it started using their very own crude materials (such as calfskin and pigskin) as it was shown in the very rare collection of books of the Franciscans.

With the theme “The Device for Reading: Books as a Technique for the Preservation of Texts in East and  West, from the Middle Ages to Today,”  the three-day exhibition was capped by a lecture of Professor Gino  Roncaglia of the University of Tuscia in Viterbo, Italy, on Wednesday, 4th November 2015.  

Prof. Gino’s interesting lecture entitled  “Past, Present and Future of the Book” showed the prevalence of the printed format of the book but also highlighted the “future” exciting features of the e-book. One illustration he showed is how, in an electronic format of the book, the author can “come to life” and allow for interactive discussion with the reader. It purports that while reading is an individual act, it inevitably becomes a social medium of communication with others.

The following photos show the highlights of the exhibition:



Professor Gino presenting his lecture with interesting digital illustrations.

Text & Photos By:            Sr. Rose Amacanin, spc; Rebecca Calaor & Mellie Brodeth

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