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As We Say Farewell to Sansour Hall…

We have  “weathered the storm” so to say, during our stay at Sansour Hall for some nine months. In less than a year, while at Sansour the Library Staff not only offered library sevices and reference assistance in situ, to our students, but also worked in cooperation  with the department of English to give the Library Information Skills course to our freshmen students. Overcoming the limitations of space, we held the Library Liaison team meeting at the  faculty lounge of the Millennium building. Some staff meetings were held in different venues such as the Education conference room and Bethlehem Hall conference room. We would like to thank our colleagues for having faciliated our access to these places.

Grateful appreciation goes to our teaching faculty and staff for their continued support and patronage of our modest and limited services during this Fall term. Above all, we thank our administrators who, with their trust and words of encouragement, kept our morale and spirit buoyed up, with the prospect of a “better place” that the refurbished library building holds as a promise.

Below are treasured scenarios, some stolen shots, of our dear students who have shown that despite troubles outside, BU Library, is one section of that “oasis of peace” where every corner counts, every chair is in demand… no space is wasted.

Dear students: your patience will be rewarded…just wait and see what the new year 2016 will bring.

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