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Annual Orientation Meeting with Student Workforce at the Library


This Fall’s Student Assistants' meeting was held on Thursday, 17 Sept. 2015, at 11:00 a.m. in the music room.


Mirna Zoughbi, who forms the Committee for Student-Assistants, welcomed the student-workers on behalf of the rest of the Library Staff.  Each one of them introduced her/himself stating the year and course they are in.

Valerie Rock, Deputy Director, spoke about the Library renovation and the new system  of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that will be adopted and implemented in the Library for its loan services. In addition, she told them to go to the Library Homepage and know more about the renovation plans and to follow its progress.

Afaf Rabai'a who was the Best Student Assistant for Spring 2015 was our invited guest and she spoke about her past experience as a working student at the Library. She promised the Staff that she will come to help us when we start transferring to the newly-refurbished Library. A generous and thoughtful gesture of solidarity from Afaf, and which everyone greatly appreciated.


Anas Hasasneh who is a CAIS sophomore student also talked about his past and current work in the Library. This Fall he is on his second semester as a S-A. He shared with us his experience with the Library Team during the transfer to Sansour Hall. He said that he is happy working with us and in the Library as a whole.

Mirna thanked all the student participants for the efforts and work they are doing at the Library. Refreshments were served and as a sign of appreciation, we gave them gifts that can serve as practical and useful items.

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