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BUL Staff Attends Training Programme

Welcome back to Ms. Juana Juha from the BU Library Team who was nominated to undergo an in-service training program  from 14 – 26 September 2015 at Lewis University in Chicago, our sister Lasallian university. She received a well-organized intensive and informative program of ten working days planned by the Lewis University Library Director Mr. Thomas J. Urbanski and his team. This program allowed her to meet with various Librarians and learn more about the different library operations and techniques in running their academic Library. In addition, she visited various departments and centers of Lewis University such as the “academic services center and the academic technology services” which gave her a general idea about services and facilities these offices provide for their students. The training experience, skills, and knowledge she gained will hopefully be beneficial in enhancing users’ services in the newly-refurbished Library, with the new technology in place. Best wishes, Juana, in your future endeavors putting the best of your gifts to serve the academic community. Thank you to the BU Administration for their support and our gratitude also goes to the Academic Office and Library Teams at Lewis University!

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