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Orientation Meeting with Student Assistants


The Library Staff had a meeting for the eleven student assistants accepted for this new academic year’s work/study program. The session was held during the students' activity hour on Thursday, the 18th of September.

Mirna Zoughbi, member of the Library Team working with the English section as secretary, welcomed the students and thanked them for giving their time to attend this orientation meeting.

The keynote speaker from the Faculty of Education, Dr. Nancy Elias, gave an inspirational talk which was a source of encouragement for the students. She shared her experience in life and mentioned about her sacrifice, resilience, hard work, the difficulties she met in life as well as how she faced  the challenges  in society. In so doing, she inspired the students never to give up.

After the speech, a Powerpoint presentation demonstrating to the students how each task is done in the Library, was shown. This also served to introduce the different sections and the various Library staff to the new student-workers.


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