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BU Library Staff Attends International Conference on Libraries and Technology


Mr. Francis Sleibi, Library Staff, participated in the 1st International Library Conference under the title “Libraries of the Future: How New Technologies for Reading and the Retrieval of Information Will Shape 21st Century Libraries” organized by the King’s Academy in Madaba, Jordan from 2 – 3 April 2013.

Mr. Sleibi presented a Paper in the Conference, on behalf of the BU Library Staff, entitled Bethlehem University Library: A Case Study-  Applying Technology to Library Services, Two Thumbs Up for Library Digitization !” 

Mr. Sleibi’s academic intervention had a successful impact on the audience most of whom came from Arab countries. This professional presence has placed Bethlehem University Library on the vanguard of modern academic libraries adopting modern technology thereby shaping the future of information-sharing and incisive importance of digital format of resources at the service of research and scholarship.


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