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Special thanks to Dr. Muna Matar, Chairperson of the CIS Department, for a marvelous gift, a recently published book entitled “De la Terre Sainte a la Palestine - From the Holy Land to Palestine.” Authored by Serge Negre-Danielle Autha, a husband-wife team, the book is extraordinarily filled with picturesque scenes form the Holy Land. A penned message from the author dedicated to Bethlehem University says, “Best wishes,” dated 6 April 2013.

Our heartfelt thanks and ‘MABROUK!” to Serge Negre, his wife Danielle, friends Wasim and Stephane for putting together a “book of all times and for all people to read.”

Book Jacket of the book with a powerful message that goes beyond words…
and invites you TO COME AND READ THE BOOK !

Serge NEGRE & Wasim ABDULLAH in Ramallah, 2004

Mahmud DARWISH & Danielle AUTHA, Ramallah, 2004

Serge NEGRE & Stéphane HESSEL 2007
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