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27 May 2013

Korea in Palestine

A Korean Cultural Day at Bethlehem University

Korean DayBethlehem University students recently had the opportunity to experience Korean culture on campus, as two South Korean exchange students organized a Korean Day at Sansur Hall in Bethlehem University. 

Bethlehem University welcomed Mr. Sung-yun Yeo and a number of Korean community members to campus, as more than 150 students, faculty, and staff attended the event, including Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President, and Dr. Irene Hazou, Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

The connection between South Korea and Palestine came about two years ago, when Bethlehem University and Handong University created an academic exchange program between the two institutions, in order to promote academic linkages to enrich the understanding of the culture of the two countries concerned, to promote collaborative research, other educational developments, and to advance mutual understanding.

The current South Korean students, Soon and Kyung, said "the purpose for this event was to introduce Korea to Bethlehem University students, so that they become interested in Republic of Korea."

Korean DayThe Korean Day events began with opening speeches from Dr. Sansour and Mr. Yeo, both of whom affirmed the importance of cultural and academic exchange between Palestine and Korea.

Afterward, participants in the audience had an opportunity to learn more about Korea through a group quiz. Questions included information about Korean food, habits, traditions, clothing, locations, and more. 

Booths at the event presented Korean games, musical instruments, and national dresses. After the event, all audience were invited for some specially made Korean buffet.

Soon and Kyung expressed gratitude to all those who helped them make this event a success, thanking the staff and professors at Bethlehem University. "They worked so hard to make this activity possible. Nothing could be possible unless they helped us. Thank you!"


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