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The Arabic School for Overseas
Students & Diplomats

 We work Monday through Friday
From 8:00 to 13:0

Why Do Students Soon Discontinue Studying Arabic?

Arabic School for Foreign Students and Diplomats
Specialization: Spoken Arabic, the Levantine Dialect


We strongly believe that students who speak the Palestinian dialect first can approach fuṣḥa or Modern Standard Arabic easily.

We encourage universities to send classes to Bethlehem University to get a strong foundation for spoken Arabic

Our methodology for teaching the Levantine dialect to foreign students is used in different universities all over the world. The methodology was translated into different languages, among them English, German and French. The Italian and Finnish translations are in preparation.

Textbooks used in the center:

- Spoken Arabic for Foreigners I, II + dictionary
- Lehrbuch des Palästinensisch-Arabischen I, II
- Cours d’Arabe Parle Palestinian I, II

Beginning 2018 we offer only intensive courses. The following levels are offered each month during the year:
-Spoken Arabic Level I
-Spoken Arabic Level II
-Spoken Arabic Level III
-Spoken Arabic Level  IV and Media Arabic will be offered upon request.

- Students can register for one month or more.
- Students meet 4 hours per day, 4 days per week for 4 weeks.

- Fees: We trust students to choose the correct cost amount from the following:
 1- Fees paid by an organization is $900.
 2- Fees paid privately $850
 3- Students affiliated with FAU- Erlangen,  LMU-Munich, Heidelberg, FU-Berlin, and Leipzig,  our partners in the Palestinian German Institute pays $750.
- Study materials are not included in the fees.



Please fill out the Registration Form carefully. If you do not receive confirmation within one week, please contact us.

Contact information:

Students who want to study in our branch in Jerusalem can contact:


Complete Program for 2018-2019. 


Intensive Courses 2018-2019
(80 Academic Hours)

60 with teacher & 20 self-study  




Start date of the course


End date for the Course


(Tuesday, 2nd 2018)

(Thursday, 25th, 2018 )


(Monday, 5th 2018)

(Thursday, 29th 2018)


(Monday, 3rd 2018)

(Friday, 21th 2018)



(Wednesday, 2nd 2019)

(Wednesday, 30th 2019)


(Monday, 4th 2019)

(Wednesday, 27th 2019)


(Monday, 4th 2019)

(Wednesday, 27th 2019


(Monday, 1st 2019)

(Tuesday, 30th 2019)


(Thursday, 2nd 2019)

(Wednesday, 29th 2019)


(Monday, 10th 2019)

(Friday, 28th 2019) 


(Monday, 1st, 2019)

(Wednesday, 24th 2019)


 (Thursday, 1st 2019)

(Tuesday, 29th, 2019 )

Brother Vincent Malham Center

Prof. Dr. Moin Halloun

Nadia Bany Shamsa
Teacher, Research Assistant
Tel. +972-2-275-5160

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