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Promotional Video Making






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A promotional video can also be utilized at a conference or exhibition with great effect. By setting up a wide screen at an exhibit booth, it is possible to use a computer with the ability to play a DVD and software to keep the device playing on a continuous loop. This creates a visual point of interest for people attending the conference or exhibition and could possibly prompt them to visit the booth and learn more about the products offered.

In General, Promotional videos are marketing and sales tools designed to introduce or educate consumers about a particular product, cause, or organization. However, , a promo video is structured to be precise, direct and to only last for no more than ten to fifteen minutes. This usually allows a well-produced video to hold the attention of viewers long enough to make the key points necessary to generate additional interest.

On the other hand, promotional tubes may be designated for public awareness to advocate for outstanding  socio-economic and political issues, through the coverage of campaigns and media spots. Usually, it becomes more effective through the social media exchanges and  other web communication tools.

ICP has launched many advocacy campaigns and released many video tubes such as:- 

Video Gallery:

Selected Promtional Video Gallery 

Kharas Transportation Advocacy


Sikka School Advocacy




Reflect in Palestine









Olive Harvest









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