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The Fair Trade Development Center (FTDC)

Since the foundation of the FTDC in 2006, it has successfully  spread more  awareness to enhance the Fair Trade as a socioeconomic and development tool by  targeting small-scale producers and farmers.  To achieve greater  benefits, the FTDC has established alliances  and  deep rooted  partnerships
with  highly esteemed  national  and  international NGOs of diversified specializations to design and  implement  common comprehensive developmental programs.

Guided by the Fair Trade Principles, The FTDC aims at introducing new practices to  improve the livelihoods of small-scale producers and farmers, and  to enhance organized collective work based on a gender equitable capacity building in managerial, organizational, and marketing issues. The Center also seeks to allocate markets for Palestinian fairly produced products, increase the awareness of the Palestinian public on Fair Trade, and serve as useful   Information
resources  for Fair Trade in Palestine.


 The FTDC has beccome more valued when  it joined the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) as a member.


 Furthermore, the FTDC initiated and co-founded:


• The Palestinian Fair Trade Network (PFTN)

• The Arab Fair Trade Network (AFTN).


This membership in the WTO has helped the FDTC to  become a resourcing baseline  for the Fair Trade in Palestine. It  facilitates also more  networking and cooperation  with various Fair Trade international and national organizations. More opportunities are now available for the FTDC to participate in the most outstanding international events organized by the WTO.


As a member of  the WFTO, the  FTDC leads  and supports different local organizations and cooperatives to obtain a recognized certification of their products. Therefore, the  FTDC facilitates the process of the certification by the Fair Trade  Labeling  Organization (FLO). The certification  entitles its holder
to comply  with  the rules of the Fair Trade and to access more markets  among the members in the Fair Trade markets. Organizations can benefit from the “Fair Trade Premium,” the additional value paid for a fairly output product in addition to its fair price. The relation with the Fair Trade will ensure better sustainability in light of the available resources to fund  future projects, leading to more self-dependent organizations.

A FLO certification opens a wide venue of connections and marketing exchanges between the Palestinian olive oil cooperatives and the global Fair Trade markets. Thus, the cooperatives will learn to adopt  the best practices according  to their managerial capacities and influences of their  social and environmental background.

During its interventions to assist the Palestinian small producers and farmers, the FTDC has supported  so far eighteen Palestinian Olive Oil Cooperatives to become FLO certified organizations. Furthermore, the FTDC supports local cooperatives and producer groups to meet the conditions of joining IMO – Fair Trade Social Responsibility & Organic Certification. For this purpose, the FTDC helps in structuring the organic management body in the organization and design different references for organic certification, uch as creating an internal control system. Moreover, the FTDC trains organic project personnel in internal inspection and management of the internal control system as well as offers supervision of the internal inspectors. After this process is completed, the FTDC communicates with the certifying body (IMO) regarding the certification process and it accompanies the external inspector that is sent to audit the work of the organizations and cooperatives.

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