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Alumni Spotlight

Majdoleen Odeh, CIS Student, Interns in Italy

Majdoleen Odeh (BU’13) is a CIS third year student who has just completed a six week internship in Milan, Italy at Sinapto IT Company.

Majdoleen was selected to be part of the Sir John McGuckin Mentoring Internship Program, and has worked under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas Tordini who has made this internship possible. In addition, Majdoleen has trained with Mr. Riccardo Mazzei who trained her in J2EE and develops Java application projects.

Majdoleen, along with her host Ms. Monia Chimienti and Dr. Tordini, are helping another organization "Informatici Senza Frontiere" (Information without Borders) to develop educational programs and teaching computer for the NAGA association for African Asylum seekers in Milan.

After meeting via Skype with both Dr. Tordini and Monia, they both spoke very highly of Majdoleen and were happy with her quality of work and fast learning. Majdoleen has substantially improved her knowledge, and had a valued experience on the working field that will stick in her memory forever.

Bethlehem University and particularly the Alumni Relations Office is grateful for Northwestern Lieutenancy of the EOHSJ and the Italian Ministry of Youth for making this internship possible, and special thanks to Dr. Tordini for giving this opportunity to Majdoleen and to Ms. Monia Chimienti and her family for hosting her.

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