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Bethlehem University Students and Graduates Complete Career Readiness Training

Alumni Training"There are few, if any, jobs in which ability alone is sufficient. Needed, also, are loyalty, sincerity, enthusiasm and team play." --William B. Given, Jr.

The Alumni Relations Office has conducted career readiness training for students and graduates of Bethlehem University. The 18 hour training aimed to prepare fresh graduates and university students for the work ethos. The training is part of a series of trainings that aim to improve the skills of students and graduates, and enhance their creativity and innovation in order to present skilled graduates to the market. The topics covered by trainer Dr. Amal Hadweh PhD, were versatile and aimed to give the participants different views about general work expectations and expected behavior. The 38 trainees, who were divided into two groups, took topics related to workplace ethics, English business communication, listening skills, oratory and body language, team work, negotiations and conflict management and time management. Participants benefited a lot from the training, and gained a new insight on how to deal with different situations encountered at work. The training involved also role play and simulation of an interview, and how to act as an interviewee and what questions are expected. In addition, the participants learned new concepts like volunteerism and its importance for work and the community, listening skills and negotiation skills and body language. All of the above mentioned skills will certainly enrich the participants’ knowledge and enable them to handle different situations in the work atmosphere. In addition it prepared them for their future careers and conducting the best practices there. One participant mentioned: “I really enjoyed the training, it opened my eyes to new things and the role playing for conducting interviews, enabled me to notice certain answers and body language that I didn’t know before”.  This training was made possible, by a generous grant from the Italian Ministry of Youth, to support youth creativity, innovation, and increase employment in Palestine.

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