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Wala' Alqaisiya '10 is completing her masters in Culture and Difference at Durham University

Wala' lives in Hebron and graduated at Bethlehem University in English Literature in 2010. She works as an Intercultural Learning Tutor for the International Palestine Youth League, an NGO that focuses on developing the skills of women and young people, and promoting democracy and cross-cultural education.

Her many voluntary activities have included being a Student Ambassador for international delegations to Bethlehem University, working at the IPYL's Media Centre, and joining Youth Against Settlements to expose Israeli human rights violations. She represented young Palestinians at the Global Youth Congress in Liverpool and, in 2008, she was selected to attend the University of Alabama for a semester and to be a Palestinian cultural representative there.

Wala' is especially interested in questions of identity, particularly the social, racial, cultural and gender issues arising from bi-culturalism, and she is widely read in the works of Amy Tan, Gloria Anzaldua and Erich Fromm. In Durham, she hopes to take modules that are relevant to these interests and to research contemporary gender theory.

On her return to Palestine, Wala' wants to help repair the social and cultural damage caused by the Occupation, encourage women's contribution in the social, economic and political spheres, and establish international networks that help women and young people become active citizens in a developing society.

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