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Shatha Abu Sroor '07 is an example of how hard work and perseverance can over come any obstacle

Shatha Abu SroorShatha Abu Sroor '07, a graduate of Bethlehem University's Social Science department, is an example of how hard work and perseverance can over come any obstacle. Shatha is now a trainer at the Center of Development Studies at Bir Zeit University, coordinates academic research projects on country development, research that is  especially needed as Palestine continues its state building. Working with both local and international institutions, Shatha is involved with community based projects that seek to empower marginalized groups and integrate them in the development process.

Shatha, who has hereditary partial blindness, is an advocate for others with disabilities, encourages them to continue their education and to enhance their work and life skills. She started enrolled at Bethlehem University in 2003 and opted to study Social Science because she felt a calling and feels she can make an impact in her community. She also expresses that Bethlehem University was the best place for her to be able to engage with people who come from different backgrounds and religions. She also felt that it was the place where she would be able to engage with a curriculum and atmosphere where there is an emphasis on quality learning and human rights education.

Not letting her impaired vision slow her down but instead using it as a personal impetus for change, Shatha has pursued her studies, with what she feels is amazing support from her classmates, faculty, and the Bethlehem University Committee on Students with Disabilities. The Committee is responsible for helping Shatha in accommodating her needs, through offering adaptive technology, which helped her with taking exams, communicating with her instructors, and note taking. At home, Shatha also received the support she needed to obtain her bachelors degree. Since graduating in 2007, Shatha has been pursuing her dream of using her education for herself and hopes to help give a push to other graduates of her alma mater, while she continues to give back to her community.

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