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BU Alumni Complete the Sir. John McGuckin Mentoring Internship Program

On April 12th, 2012 two of our graduates Rita Asfour (BU'11), and Dana Abu Lail (BU'10) completed a six week - Sir. John McGuckin Mentoring Internship program, at California State University Stanislaus (CSU).

Dana and Rita interned at CSU's Advancement Office, under the supervision of Michelle Lahti the Assistant Vice President for University Advancement.

It was a wonderful opportunity to see two of our English Literature graduates Rita and Dana (via a Skype Video Conference, organized by Raneen Al-Arja) active in their McGuckin Internship program - and to learn more about the generous hospitality that our friends at California State University at Stanislaus are offering Rita and Dana.

It was also a helpful opportunity to learn more about what they are doing in their daily work as interns in the Alumni Relations and Development Offices, including their work on the Raiser's Edge software at Stanislaus. Rita and Dana have also worked with various Alumni Relations events at Stanislaus, have learned about the work of the advancement office in CSU, assisted in its various departments, and are preparing to return to Bethlehem where they will share their learning and experiences with us.

Michele Lahti, their supervisor, spoke highly of Dana and Rita as good persons who are bright, engaging, and dependable. In fact, Michele is planning to come to Bethlehem next year, probably around Easter, to visit with Dana and Rita here in the Holy Land. In addition, Rita and Dana have also met with our alumni Rawan Bannoura (BU'09) in San Francisco, who hosted them for few days and showed them around the area.

Bethlehem University, and especially the Alumni Relations Office are grateful to Dr. Hamid and Mrs. Fathi Shirvani- President of California State University at Stanislaus and his wife (who hosted Rita and Dana, throughout all of their internship period), Mary O'Brien, Lieutenant of the Northwestern Lieutenancy of the EOHSJ, Mr. Fred and Mrs. Nancy Lee, Area Coordinators of the Northwestern Lieutenancy of the EOHSJ, Carrie Rasmussen, Executive Assistant to the President of California State University at Stanislaus, Michele Lahti, Assistant Vice President for Advancement, and a host of others whose generous hearts have supported Rita and Dana on this journey in the John McGuckin Mentoring Internship Program.

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