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The Sir John McGuckin Mentoring and Internship Program 2013-2014

Through funds from Catholic Charities USA, the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre (USA Northwestern Lieutenancy, USA Western Lieutenancy, and Canadian Atlantic Lieutenancy),  individual private donors who wish to remain anonymous, the Pontifical Mission in Jerusalem (Increasing Employment and Entrepreneurship in Palestine grant), Bethlehem University was able to send 10 Bethlehem University students to the United States for a six-week inernship this summer of 2014.

Although Bethlehem University has 75% females students, this summer's group consists of nine females and only one male student, who will be placed in various locations in the United States, from California to Iowa to Washington, DC.

The purpose of the McGuckin Internship program is to provide students of Bethlehem University with opportunities to gain valuable career focused as well as cultural experience from an international setting – and to also provide an opportunity for the participants to contribute back to both Bethlehem University as well as the Palestinian society by sharing their experience with others in coordination with the Alumni Relations and Guest Relations offices upon their return to Palestine after the internship experience.  

The interns are sharing their experiences this summer on different blogs and on facebook reflecting on local events and cultural experiences. 

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Below are links to some of the stories by the interns:

Alex Hadweh - Diocese of Greensburg - Read story

Mariana Bahnan Nazi - Catholic Charities, Camden - Read story

Amjad Musleh - Catholic Charitis, Camden - Read story

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