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Waleed Zaloum

The idea that I am going a place with all kind of freedoms is making me feel like am going to a different planet on earth. Well, it is different planet, where you can do whatever you want whenever you want without anyone interfering in your business. The U.S is something we all looked up to, and we were dreaming of going there since we are young as we were watching all kind of American movies and listen to American music too. For me, it is a special place that I wanted to go to, to have my freedom, my dignity and my respect. It might sound a little bit weird to go there for the first time, even you know what you are going to do, but to be honest it is a big place with a lot of varieties in it.

 Where I come from there is a lot of restrictions, barriers and tensions, but in here you don’t feel anything like that. When I landed, to the capitol of the United States, I knew that I am going to find all kind of people from all kind of backgrounds and places. So, I had to be careful about every move I make in there, especially for a Palestinian doing his internship, as you have responsibilities to do and people to present. Washington DC, is the place where the president is, the white house and all kind of government facilities, you feel like there is always something going on in there. DC is a good place to be in if only you can handle humidity.

Catholic charities is one of the most interesting organizations in the U.S, as they are helping a lot of people from all kind of faiths and backgrounds to survive life or build a better one, and it is the organization which sponsored Bethlehem University and give them the opportunity to do their internship in the States, For the first four days we had a really busy program, a lot of meetings and conferences but we had a lot of fun too. I watched an IMAX movie with 3D for the first time in my life, and I watched a baseball game for the first time in my life too. It was more like a dream coming true to see and experience how the American life is. But there is always that feeling what will happen when I am alone in Rhode Island.


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