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Rula Shomali

I am Rula Shomali, from Beit Sahour. I am a senior English language and literature major and I'm minoring in French. I'm currently doing my internship in San Antonio, Texas in the communication office, also known as the 'mission advancement office'. Traveling and experiencing new things are my two favorite hobbies! 
A  winning challenge

On Friday the 26th of June at 5:00 pm I checked out my name at the reception in the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio. With a big smile on my face I finished my first week at Texas! It was a challenging week full of new tasks and experiences. I met new people, got introduced to a different way of life and tried Texan amazing food! 
I believe that going out of your comfort zone can teach you a lot about yourself and about others! And now I'm ready to learn and to face the upcoming challenges that Texas hides for me!
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