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Randa Al Yatim

My name is Randa and I work 20 minutes away from the white house. I also live in a castle.


Let me backtrack. My Internship work is at Catholic Charities USA, in Alexandria, Virginia, which is the national office and in charge of the other local offices around the different states. As I mentioned before, it is only 20 minutes away from the White House, but does a much more interesting and exciting work than running a country, in my opinion.



Before we started work, though, we had a week of orientation and other activities; super exciting! On our first day, we were in Washington, D.C, and met 11 more American interns who are from all around the states and will be working in the same office as I am. Conveniently, right across the street from the restaurant where we met is the Catholic University of America, where we will be staying for our first week. We walked back to our dorms and slept like babies after about two days of constant traveling.



The second day we rode the metro from CUA to Catholic Charities offices in Virginia, where we met the staff and took a tour of the office and got to know their work more. On our third day, we got to go meet the PLO delegate in Washington. It was nice to hear about their work in America and how they are raising awareness about the Palestinian case in the States. Later in the day, we went to the Franciscan Monastery which was overwhelming in the best way possible. The church has replicas of important Christian sites around the world: a little manger and a star for the Nativity scene, a replica of Christ’s tomb in the Holy Sepulcher church, and many more from Rome, Jordan, and all over. The next day was sightseeing day. We went all over Washington D.C and saw all the monuments, memorials, and we even caught a glimpse of Mr. President himself, getting into his helicopter. Later that afternoon we got to go to a baseball game, my favorite sport!



Then it was Friday, the day when all other BU interns go to their designated states and I stay in D.C. Boring stories aside, I moved into my castle. Here’s the thing: CUA is 128 years old. Now, imagine the buildings back in1887, the castle-like structure and the fancy interior? That’s where I live. I have a great view of the basilica and I am not too far from a book store, my other favorite sport: reading.



The next week was serious work week; until Friday came around and we were taken on a tour of the US Capitol. Build in 1800, the Capitol still has all the original structure and interior, all the way to the columns, gold-painted decorations, and the same paintings that never moved. It is gorgeous!






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