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Ali Alsharif

I am Ali Alsharif, a student of Bethlehem University majoring in accounting with a minor of business administration and currently participating in MucGuckin internship in NJ, US.

The last two weeks have passed very quickly. They were busy yet fulfilling. Being in new places and meeting new people along with observing the month of Ramadan was overwhelming, but the fact that there are welcoming and caring people around me made it possible to adapt quickly.

I am currently interning in Department for Persons with Disabilities, an organization that provides caring homes for adults with intellectual abilities. Upon my arrival from Washington to DPD, they had a party to celebrate their 50th anniversary in which the staff and the residents danced and shared food together. Observing how kind and gentle the staff treat the residents left me in awe! Unfortunately, even the less vulnerable people in the occupied territories of Palestine often receive worse treatment based on their ethnicity and place of living. DPD emphasize that their catholic values implies respecting all humans regardless of their state of mind or any other factor. Another interesting observation was that many of the employees had been involved with the same organization for many years which is astonishing in a place where people change jobs frequently. When I questioned the reason behind that the answers revolved around the family and friendly environment. That’s something important for me to hear since I live in a time I perceive, to be typically materialistic and appreciates the pay-check more than any other factor that could be important for happiness and satisfaction. 





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