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Youth, Change, and Social Agency Conference

Keynote Speakers

Rita Giacaman

Rita Giacaman is a professor of public health at the Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit University, occupied Palestinian territory. A founding member of the Institute in 1978, she served as a committee member for  the establishment of the Women's Studies Institute at Birzeit University in 1993 . She was a researcher/practitioner in the 1980’s Palestinian social action, which led to the development of the Palestinian primary health care model. In the 1990s, she participated in building the Palestinian community based disability rehabilitation network. Professor Giacaman has chronicled the effects of Israeli military occupation on the physical and mental health of Palestinians. Since 2000, she has been focusing on the impact of chronic war-like conditions and exposure to political violence on the health and well-being of Palestinians, with an emphasis on psychosocial health; and the development of measures suitable for assessing health and well-being in conditions of protracted political violence; and ways in which interventions could generate the needed active capacity to endure and resist ongoing exposure to political violence in war-like conditions, especially among young people. Professor Giacaman has published extensively on women's health and mental health from a public health perspective, and was awarded an honorary PhD from the LSE in 2011 for having made an " outstanding contribution to the increased understanding or appreciation of ' the causes of things.. '

Carles Feixa

Carles Feixa (1962) is professor of social anthropology at the University of Lleida (Catalonia, Spain). He has investigated youth cultures and has conducted fieldwork in Spain and Latin America. He is the author of several books like De jovenes, bandas y tribus (Barcelona, 1998; 5th edition 2012), Jovens na America Latina (São Paulo, 2004), and Global Youth? (& P. Nilan, Routledge, London & New York, 2006). He has been advisor for youth policies of the United Nations and Vice President of the International Sociological Association Research Comitee “Sociology of Youth”.

Jamil Hilal

Jamil Hilal is an independent sociologist. He is the author of a number of books and numerous articles Palestinian, Israeli and Arab issues (included on Palestinian poverty, elites, social capital, political field, middle class, political parties, youth and culture). Hilal has been a senior research fellow at number of teaching and research Institutions. He has taught Sociology at University Of Durham, University College- London and Dar Al-Salam. 

Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander is a professor of sociology at the University of Johannesburg, where is Director of the Centre for Social Change and holds the South African Research Chair in Social Change. He is a labour historian and historical sociologist. His degrees are from London University, and he held positions at Oxford University and Rhodes University before joining UJ in 1999. His books include: Racism, Resistance and Revolution, Workers, War and the Origins of Apartheid, Globalisation and New Identities, Marikana: a View from the Mountain and a Case to Answer, and Class in Soweto. Currently, his main project is on South Africa’s ‘Rebellion of the Poor’.​

Peter Alexander. South African Research Chair in Social Change, Director: Centre for Social Change, and Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities, University of Johannesburg. 


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