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Youth, Change, and Social Agency Conference

Conference Schedule 26th-28th of April 2017 (Download Program PDF)

Day One



Opening session



Micheal Sansour- Executive Vice President of Bethlehem University

Minerva Jarayseh Chairperson of the department of Social Sciences

Howard Williamson :International Sociological Association-  Research committee on sociology of youth-

Ana Margarida-: International Sociological Association – Research committee on social classes and social movements

Faciliator: Abeer Musleh – Bethlehem University

Main Session Keynote Speakers

Youth and Resiliency


Rita Giacaman Birzeit University- Palestine: Resiliency in Palestinian context 

Carles Feixa  Pàmpols:Lleida University- Catalonia-Spain: Youth Cultural Agency in Arab Mediterranean Countries  


Moderator: Fardos Al-Issa- Bethlehem University


Coffee Break

Session two

Youth emerging as actors



Aide Esu & Simone Maddanu:Gagliani University-Italy “A foras”, Get out!  Youth antimilitarism engagement

آNabd youth forum- Palestine : The experience of transformation from inactive individual to collective agency

Sarah Rennik: France-Egypt’s Post-Uprising Generational Battle: Practice, Politics, and Youth-

Ramzi Odeh: Electoral systems and youth participation

Moderator: Walid Attalah- Bethlehem University

Coffee break


Session three

Youth and Agency


Laila Maali- Bethlehem University: Sense of community responsibility at Palestinian universities

Jose Garcia Lleida University Catalonia-Spain: Beyond the Nizam: Youth Political practices after the 2012

Mohanad Mostafa-Mada Al-Carmel- Haifa: The Palestinian student movement in Israeli universities and its sociopolitical role.

Moderator: Laura Adwan

Lunch break


Session 4

Resiliency  in Different Contexts

3:30- 5:00



Ferdoos Abed Rabo Al-Issa- Bethlehem University-Palestine: Palestinian formerly prisoned Adolescent youth resiliency  

Yehia Hijazi and Mazen Jabary- Alquds University and Youth development department:  Youth organizations as a resource of building young people resiliency in conflict zones.  

Ana Margarida Esteves & Majed Abusalama: Centro de Estudos Internacionais Lisboa & Acrtic University of Norway:  Green Knowledge , Beats for Gaza: transnational linkages and political and institutional obstacles to the diffusion of nature based resilience knowledge among youth in Gaza.

Ahmad Hneiti-Palestine:   Palestinian Youth in the Jordan Valley challenges for Identity  and the ability to change

Moderator: Ahmad Fasfous Bethlehem University

Closing  remarks of day one

5:00-5:15 Bilal Salameh Bethlehem University



Day Two

Main Session

 Key note speakers



Peter Alexander-Jo’berg University South Africa: Apartheid impact on youth South Africa

Jamil Hilal- Palestine : Palestinian youth in a colonized context

Moderator: Hanadi Younan


11:00- 11:15


Coffee break

Session two

Engagement under repression


Yousef Safadi- Bethlehem University: Youth engagement in the refugee camp, a case study from Bethlehem Camps

Deniz Dimirhisar L’ecole Des Hautes Etides en Sciences sociales:  Two activist generations in Turkey: between family memories and lived experience of resistance and repression

Ahmad Asad& Ayda Alhajar- Palestine :Palestinian youth as the revolutionary: Contribute to read the shift from collective commitment (collective) to the individual commitment

Moderator: Jamil Khader Bethlehem University


Coffee Break

Session three:

Local Experiences  13:00-14:30:


Abd Alsalam Khadaj:Tamer Institute: Tamer experience in enhancing youth role in community education

Yes theatre:“Puppets 4 Kids”- Hebron Palestine :A youth-led Project that contributes effectively to the development process of Palestine

Palestinian vision:  The role of youth organizations in Jerusalem in supporting youth agency to face sociopolitical challenges.


Moderator: Rabab Tamish- Bethlehem University


Lunch Break

Session four

Youth Research

3:30- 4:30


Howard Williamson University of South Wales

Abeer Musleh Bethlehem University


Closing Remarks


Wisam Rafidi


Day Three

Round table 10:00- 15:00

Youth initiatives networking meeting

Coffee break


Film screening

15:00-17:00 The wanted 18: An animation movie produced by young director and animator, about collective action during the first Intifada

Field trip in Bethlehem and Hebron

All Day

All day: Morning in Hebron, afternoon in Bethlehem, meeting organizations in Bethlehem

Saturday, field trip in Jerusalem

All day, meeting with youth organizations and understanding the context of Jerusalem and its impact on youth