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Communications & Public Relations Office

In an effort to further enhance the mission of Bethlehem University to provide quality teaching, research, and community service, the Communications Department works

  • To assist Faculties, Departments, Centers, and the Administration with media outreach, visual branding, publications, and website design services
  • To promote a positive image of Bethlehem University
  • To raise awareness of Bethlehem University programs and achievements through publications and media.
If you have an event on campus and need media coverage?   Are you a media agency or individual, interested in a media activity on campus?
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Bethlehem University News ِ2017
Christmas Midnight Mass Celebrated at Bethlehem University

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Communications Office

George N. Rishmawi
George N. Rishmawi

Communications Officer
Tel: +972 2 274 1241 Ext. 2421

Jenny Hodali
Communications Officer
Tel: +972 2 274 1241 Ext. 2314

Bethlehem University Foundation
Phone: +1-240-241-4381
Fax: +1-240-553-7691
Beltsville, MD USA
Bethlehem University in the Holy Land
Phone: +972-2-274-1241
Fax: +972-2-274-4440
Bethlehem, Palestine