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Instructional Technology Unit (ITU)

Instructional Technology Unit Regulations and the Role of its Staff

  • The ITU is open daily (Monday through Friday) from 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  • ITU staff offer individual, face-to-face technical support to walk-in clients from teachers and students during working hours.  Support tickets can also be sumitted.
  • Faculty are encouraged to arrange for meetings in advance to seek support in develoing new resources, tools, or ideas for their courses.  We also encourde our facuty tovisit us to chat about new technologies and to find out ways to incorporate them in their classes.
  • Those who wish to borrow any piece of equipment should contact the Instructional Technology Unit staff  and arrange with Mr. George Maria at extension 2262.
  • Also the ITU is responsible for operating and scheduling the use of the Video Conferencing Facility (VCF). The Instructional Technology Unit personnel can provide assistance for those who wish to make use of the facility.
  • If the requested project or task is an external one, involving outside organizations or institutions or agencies, the requester should contact the Assistant Vice- President for Information Technology Services, Mr. Philip Daoud, at extension 2312 or via e-mail, to obtain his consent before the implementation phase starts.


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