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Instructional Technology Unit (ITU)


About the ITU

The Instructional Technology Unit’s mission is to develop and promote the use of technology in Bethlehem University teaching and learning environment. The ITU provides many resources and services to promote the use of technology in the teaching and learning environment.  Included in these services are multimedia development, online teaching and learning resources, video and audio streaming stations, video teleconferencing facility and workshops and seminars that introduce faculty and students to various technologies.  The Student Editing Room is an instructional technology open lab for members of the Bethlehem University community to produce digital media projects as well a . Feel free to contact the Instructional Technology Unit staff either by sending us a ticket at or by calling up the ITU's staff at the extension no. 2499 or 2033.  

Teachers and students are welcomed to visit the ITU premises at the Garden floor of the Library to seek help and support on completing a project, assignment, creating learning resources, or to chat about ways to improve your courses and to integrate technology in the process.  If you have a new idea that you would like to try or share with others, let us know and we can help.




We are looking forward to welcoming you here at the ITU











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