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Department of Software Engineering

Meet the Chairperson

Welcome to the Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS). This department is part of the Faculty of Science, and it is housed in the Science building. The Department offers a major in Computer Information Systems that leads to a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Science.

The program aims to introduce students to the basics of computer science and information technology. It offers courses that help students learn the foundations of the theory of computing and information in addition to its applications in computer systems.

The department works hard to keep pace with information technology and its development and application in the ever-changing information age. It provides students with knowledge and skills that would qualify them for different jobs, such as conducting research related to the development of software and information technology, and designing solutions for small and medium enterprises.

The department is equipped with laboratory facilities, equipment, and tools that enable students to have proper practical training and carry out research in developing computer systems.

Faculty in the department has a strong commitment to prepare students for careers in Computer Information Systems-related fields. They bring a “real world” knowledge and expertise into the classroom to actively engage students in the process of teaching and learning. In addition to our regular faculty, visiting professors and scholars are frequent guests to the campus, presenting workshops that enhance the educational opportunities for our students.

The Department enjoys good professional and academic relationships with other academic institutions locally and abroad as well as very good relationship with the local IT industry in Palestine.

Br. Henry Chaya
Chair, Computer Information Systems Department


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