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Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism

Academic and Community Partnerships

Since 1973, the Institute of Hotel Management has taken on an increasingly aggressive role in negotiating academic partnerships with prestigious universities and institutes of higher education, and training that includes connections with universities and institutes in:

  • USA
    • George Washington University: joint program in Events Management and Tourism Destinations Management.
  • UK
    • London Metropolitan University: master’s program in Tourism and Cultural Heritage.
    • Sheffield Hallam University: faculty exchange and program development.
  • France
    • Lycée Hotelier de Grenoble: one faculty and one student exchange per year.
    • Lycée Hotelier de Thonons Les Bains: two faculty and four students exchange per year.
    • Lycée Hotelier Sacre Coeur[P1] :two students exchange – one time project
    • Lycée Hotelier Saint Malo: one faculty two student exchange – one time project
    • Ferrandi, L’école Francaise de Gastronomie – Paris: two students will go in October 2012.
  • Ireland
    • The Dublin Institute of Technology: four faculty members - faculty development - one time project.
  • Spain
    • Càdiz hotel school[P2] : one staff and one student placements – one time project
    • Euro Arab Management school -Grenada: two faculty members received two masters scholarships to study in the EURO/ARAB Management School.
  • Italy
    • Scuola Internazionale di Science Turistiche: one faculty member received a master’s scholarship in Tourism Management – one time project.

Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism

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