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The final thesis is a written paper focusing on any development issue considered relevant by the candidate, in agreement with the supervisor and the tutor. The paper will follow these criteria:

  • Students can choose the topic on the basis of their interest and their internship experience; they can directly refer to the project they work on or analyze a development issue from a theoretical perspective. The supervisor and the tutor will closely follow the student’s work and offer references, comments and suggestions. Nevertheless, the thesis represents the outcome of an individual academic effort, and it provides the opportunity for developing autonomous research capacities. Expectations on the supervisor’s guidance should be set accordingly;
  • The thesis format is that of an academic paper. The structure includes: table of contents, introduction, methodology, analysis of the findings, conclusion and bibliography. The front page will report the name of the candidate, the names of the supervisor and the tutor, the title, the MICAD logo, the academic year.
  • The paper shall be around 20,000 words long;
  • References to the concepts examined during the taught courses will be appreciated.

 For the thesis guidelines click here.

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