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Social Issues

  1. Sociology of Development / 15 contact hrs

    The purpose of this module is to familiarize students with some of the central theories and concepts that have
    dominated debates on social development from a global, comparative and historical perspective. The module addresses the dynamics of social change in relation to political economy. In particular, the lectures will examine how discourses of underdevelopment and development emerged and became institutionalized in the context of decolonization, the Cold War and the Global Project. The module looks at how the Western notions of process and social development were articulated around the notion that Third World countries could catch up with the First World. At the same time, some critiques to the modernization model and its related dependency on global hegemony will be discussed. To this regard, the emergence of counter movements to the globalization project, represented by civil societies and social groups, will be analysed as a new, powerful actor on the global stage.


  2. Anthropology of Development / 15 contact hrs

    The goal of this module is equipping the students with skills and methodology for analyzing the cultural meanings of
    development and humanitarian processes. To this regard, a peculiar focus will be given to the skills of “observation”, often underestimated or superficially acknowledged. The lectures will analyze the points of view, interests, strategies and systems of action of the local population as well as those of the practitioners. Moreover, this module will tackle the phase of transition from short-term humanitarian assistance to long-term development, which can be differently described as a continuum or a contiguum. It will stress on coping mechanisms of local populations, indigenous responses to crises including the use and understandings of violent and non-violent means.

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