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14 March 2013

Bethlehem University Organizes Math and Science Exhibition

"From one to infinity, at the heart of Mathematics"
"Why so many lights? The Milky Way amid science, history and art"

Math and Science ExhibitionThe concepts of Infinity and Astronomy drew visitors to the Mathematics and Science Exhibition at Bethlehem University 11-15 March, organized by the Bethlehem University Faculty of Science in coordination with AVSI Foundation, the Association of the Holy Land, and the Italian Cooperation in Jerusalem.

The exhibition provides an opportunity for visitors to engage in simple but unusual Mathematics and Science problems. Hundreds of local students from around 64 schools, visited the five-day exhibition hosted at Dr. Anton Sansour Hall in the Socio-Cultural center. Bethlehem University students of the Mathmatics and Physics departments from the Faculty of Science served as guides, explaining in a very professional manner the various items and sections in the exhibition.

In the opening ceremony, Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President of Bethlehem University, welcomed the guests and highlighted the importance of science in the development of the quality of life.

Other supporters applauded the efforts of the University in creating the Exhibition. Dr. Davide La Cecilia, the Italian Consul General, expressed his gratitude to Bethlehem University for hosting this exhibition and highlighted the importance of future cooperation. Mr. Alberto Repossi of the AVSI Foundation spoke about the priority of supporting education in the Palestinian Territories, as AVSI’s support of the exhibition is part of their project "Emergency of Education in the Palestinian Territories."

The Science section of the Exhibition highlights the Milky Way Galaxy and also examines the perception of astronomy in various cultures. The Mathematics section focuses on Infinity and also illustrates the development of Mathematics along history and the tools used past and present.

Faculty and staff of the Physics department had a very active participation in the Astronomy exhibition and supervised all the students in Minor of Physics who served as guides for the visitors through the five days.

The exhibitions seeks to give initial answers to some basic questions:
"What moves the mathematics in the course of history?"
"What is its method in the search for truth? What relationship does it have with the experimental science?"
"Why does the infinite emerge continuously in mathematical discourse, and what is its role? What is the proof?"
"Is there still something to be discovered in maths today?
"Is abstraction an enemy of relationship with the reality or can it be a powerful tool to understand reality?"

In her remarks after the exhibition, Dr. Haifa Kunkar, Dean of Science, said "The Math and Astronomy Exhibition which was organized by the Faculty of Science in cooperation  with AVSI displayed last week attracted 64 schools and 3 universities and about 2400 students. We can say without any hesitation that it was a successful event".

Click here for video and photos from the Exhibition.


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