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16 December 2013

Lewis University Recognizes 40th Jubilee of Bethlehem University

Brother Peter Bray Lewis UniversityDuring the Graduate Commencement Ceremony held at Lewis University in Chicago (U.S.) on Saturday, 14 December 2013, Lewis University took the opportunity to recognize the 40th Jubilee of Bethlehem University. Brother James Gaffney, President of Lewis University, pointed out the efforts people at Bethlehem University had made over the forty years to provide quality higher education for the students at Bethlehem University. He applauded the efforts of so many people in making that possible and mentioned the link Lewis University had made with Bethlehem University almost thirty years ago.

Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, was asked to be present for the occasion, and in accepting the acknowledgement of the 40th Jubilee before some 2,500 people, Brother Peter mentioned the important role Lewis University had played in supporting Bethlehem University and thanked all the people involved. He acknowledged the amazing role Brother James Gaffney has had in that support and highlighted the gratitude people at Bethlehem University have for the work he has done to support Bethlehem University. He noted that one of the significant challenges facing Bethlehem University is to keep hope alive, and that an important part of doing this was for people at Bethlehem University to know they are not alone or forgotten. Lewis University had shown people at Bethlehem University that they were not forgotten. He went on to say that for more than half the life of Bethlehem University, there has been ongoing support from Lewis University. This has been evident in Lewis University providing opportunities for graduates of Bethlehem University to do further study at Lewis University and then return to work at Bethlehem University. These students and those to whom they returned were greatly encouraged by this tremendous support from Lewis University because not only were they not forgotten, but also they were greatly supported by the deep concern of people at Lewis University.

In addressing those who were graduating, Brother Peter reminded them of how fortunate they are to be graduating from Lewis University with the opportunities they have had and the freedom they have experienced. He challenged them to support students at Bethlehem University through their prayers, but also to find ways to work to establish peace with justice in the land where Jesus, the Prince of Peace, was born. He conveyed best wishes from Bethlehem, Jesus’ birthplace, and prayed that as those present celebrated Christmas they would experience something of God’s peace and joy.


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