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Faculty of Nursing Hosts Four Experts in Simulation Based Education

From 3 April to 7 April 2017, the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences at Bethlehem University hosted four guests from the United Kingdom. Dr. Tony Jefferis, Mr. Alex Saunders, Mrs. Katy Jones, and Mr. Paul Wilder, who are specialized in simulation based education, delivered a five day training course at the clinical simulation center which was attended by nine faculty members from the Faculty of Nursing. The training course, which added value to the quality of nursing education at Bethlehem University, is designed to give the faculty the essential foundations on which to build the simulation based education system for nursing students and others. The training course was funded by PRIME and coordinated by Ms. Mariam Awad, the Dean of Faculty of Nursing and health sciences.

The first day of training consisted of theoretical sessions and general introduction about the simulation history, the educational theories of simulation, and the fundamental aspects of scenario design and scenario descriptors. 

The second day consisted of highly interactive sessions about the importance of briefing and debriefing techniques using the appropriate reflection modules and theories that will ultimately lead to a more effective learning experience and a supportive learning environment. During the third day, members of the nursing faculty built and ran several simulation scenarios and put into practice the modules and theories they learned the previous day. 

On the fourth day, the guests, along with faculty members, visited Battir village for simulation orientation outside the simulation center in order to practice several scenarios in the field using the SIM-Man3G and the standardized patient. Mr. Alex Saunders provided an overview about the general features of the high fidelity mannequin (SIM-Man3G) and other troubleshooting technical issues related to the hands on repair and fault diagnosis of the SIM-Man3G. 

In day five, the Nursing Faculty members spent the day in the simulation center running, debriefing, and participating in several clinical scenarios with the added unique opportunity to watch and critique each other. Also, the proper way for integrating the clinical simulation in the nursing curriculum was discussed. Certification from Brighton University & PRIME/UK was distributed to participants at the end of the training course. 

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