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14 December 2017

Bethlehem University Participates in the Arab Collegiate Programming Contest 

Bethlehem University participated in the 2017 ACM Arab Collegiate Programming Contest (ACPC) which was held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from 24 to 28 November.

Bethlehem University’s team consisted of three Computer Information Systems (CIS) program students who were Sari Masri, Riham Khatib, and Nirmeen Odeh together with their instructor Ms. Sherin Hazboun.

The ACPC contest lasted for five hours where students competed in teams to solve a set of about ten problems using a single computer. Solutions involved writing programs using C, C++, or JAVA which were run against a secret test data and their output were compared to that of Judges’ program. Teams were ranked based on the number of problems they managed to solve and the penalties they accumulated.

Around 120 teams participated in the contest with over 420 people from 11 Arab countries which are Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Oman, KSA and Kuwait. The ACPC is a qualifying round for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

To qualify for the contest, the team participated in the Palestinian Collegiate Programming Contest which took place at Palestine Technical University in Kadoorie on 12 October 2017. The team ranked among the top 10 out of 28 teams who were participating from eight different universities across Palestine.

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