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04 December 2017

Welcome to the new Chancellor of Bethlehem University  

Bethlehem University extends a very warm welcome to Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli, who is the newly appointed Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine, Apostolic Nuncio to Israel, and Apostolic Nuncio to Cyprus. He is also the Chancellor of Bethlehem University. Mons. Girelli had previously served as Apostolic Nuncio to Indonesia, Apostolic Nuncio to Timor-Leste, and Apostolic Nuncio to Singapore.

His first official duty as both Apostolic Delegate and Chancellor was attending the Board of Trustees Meeting at Bethlehem University on Saturday December 2nd. Bethlehem University looks forward to welcoming him back to preside at the annual Christmas Midnight Mass in the University Chapel. 

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