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02 November 2017

Bethlehem University’s Video Success Story

One of Five Video Contest Winners at USAID/ASHA’s 2017 Annual Partners Conference

On 31 October 2017 at ASHA’s 60th Anniversary Conference, a video submitted by Bethlehem University on its Library Renovation Project was one of five Video Contest Winners.

Since 1977 USAID-ASHA (American Schools and Hospitals Abroad) has provided more than $6,800,000 for the construction or renovation of every building on campus and $900,000 for equipment and software. Since 1988 ASHA support has come through Christian Brothers Conference in Washington DC. An additional $300,000 from USAID (US Agency for International Development) developed curriculum material and detailed architectural plans for the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism.  This does not include ASHA’s most recent grant to support the construction next year of a new Visitor’s and Fitness Center. 

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