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27 October 2017

The Bethlehem University Journal is now live on JSTOR

Dr. Jamil Khader, Dean of Research, announced that the Bethlehem University Journal )BUJ) can from now on be accessed on the international digital library, Jstor. Last year, Bethlehem University signed a distribution agreement with Pluto Journals Ltd., which will make BUJ available to all subscribing research communities around the world through their global platform, Jstor. Through Jstor, the contributions of researchers at Bethlehem University and elsewhere can become more visible around the world, providing them with an opportunity to become active participants in the global networks of knowledge production and dissemination.

Bethlehem University Vice Chancellor Br. Peter Bray, FSC, stated that “it was a wonderful achievement to get such international recognition.” He also noted that “this shows the standard of research being done at Bethlehem University is at an international level and is able to be shared around the world.” Dr. Khader explained that this step is part of the university’s wider and intensive campaign over the last few years of investing in promoting a culture of excellence in research at Bethlehem University. He also mentioned the efforts of the BUJ editorial board to improve the quality of publications in BUJ and make it more competitive at the local, regional, and international knowledge production networks.

In her comment on this achievement, Dr. Irene Hazou, Vice President for Academic Affairs, remarked that “this is very exciting news for the Bethlehem University community and an important step in the internationalization of the Bethlehem University Journal.” For her part, Dr. Mellie Brodeth, Library Director, said that this was a “truly positive step in the development of a scholarly culture of research at Bethlehem University.” She added that “the library and its staff at the Digital Services section are committed to the success of BUJ and are working hard at digitizing past issues of our BU Journal to make these issues also accessible to the global scholarly community."

The new volume of the Bethlehem University Journal is a special issue on psychological research in Palestine and the world titled, “The Globalization of Psychology, the Psychology of Globalization.”  It features contributions from researchers and practitioners from different research communities in Palestine (the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem, and the Galilee), including Bethlehem University researchers Dr. Ahmed Fasfous and Dr. Nahida Al-Arja. The volume is also international in scope, covering research in Spain and the USA as well as international collaborations between Palestinian and international researchers from these countries. Moreover, the volume includes contributions by high-profile international authorities in the field such as Prof. Antonio Puente, the current President of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Dr. Khader noted that signing this agreement with Pluto Journals will allow BUJ to expand and grow, by publishing two issues per year. He also remarked that he is working with other Bethlehem University researchers on the line-up for future special volumes that deal with Palestinian and international issues, including Dr. Abeer Musleh on youth and social agency, Dr. Omar Abd Rabbo on history and archaeology, Dr. Said Ayyad on Palestinian literature and media, and with Dr. Ferdoos Al-Issa on the state of the social sciences in Palestine.

He believes that such volumes are vital for our participation in the wider international conversations and debates that inform the different disciplines and shape the production of specialized and transformative knowledge in their respective fields. They will also give much-deserved international visibility to local and regional researchers.

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