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12 October 2017

USAID-ASHA Representatives Visit Bethlehem University 

On Tuesday 10th October 2017, Ms. Anne Dix, ASHA Office Director at USAID, and Mr. Raymond Jennings, Financial Management Specialist for Africa and the Middle East, visited Bethlehem University.

Br. Stephen Tuohy, Vice President for Human Resources and Administrative Affairs, welcomed the guests and showed them the recently renovated library which received a grant through USAID’s American Schools and Hospital Abroad (ASHA) program. 

Br. Denis Loft, Vice President for Advancement, Dr. Irene Hazou, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Brother Neil Kieffe, Resources Developer, and Mr. Najib Nasser, University Engineer, also met with them. A PowerPoint presentation about the support Bethlehem University received from ASHA was presented during the meeting.

The representatives had the chance to meet with Student Ambassadors where they had a discussion about Bethlehem University’s positive impact in the community. Following a campus tour, they enjoyed lunch at the training restaurant of the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism.

The contributions USAID-ASHA has made to Bethlehem University over the past forty years have enabled the university to fulfill its mission statement which is to provide quality higher education to people in Palestine.

Since 1977 USAID-ASHA (American Schools and Hospitals Abroad) has provided more than $6,800,000 for the construction or renovation of every building on campus and $900,000 for equipment and software. Since 1988 ASHA support has come through Christian Brothers Conference in Washington DC. An additional $300,000 from USAID (US Agency for International Development) developed curriculum material and detailed architectural plans of the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism.  This does not include ASHA’s most recent grant to support the construction of a new Visitor’s and Fitness Center at Bethlehem University to be constructed next year.


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