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12 October 2017

MISSIO England and Wales Visit to Bethlehem University 

A delegation from MISSIO in England and Wales, also known as Pontifical Mission Societies, visited Bethlehem University on Thursday 28th September 2017. The delegation comprised Fr. Abdo Abdo, OCD, Pontifical Mission National Director for the Holy Land, Fr. Anthony Chantry, the National Director of Missio in England and Wales, Michelle Slater, Communications Manager, Sheila Isaac and Claire Colleran, Education Coordinators.

Brother Denis Loft, Vice President for Advancement, and Shahinda Nassar, Development Officer, welcomed them and introduced them to the history, work and mission of the university in the Holy Land.

Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, thanked them for their ongoing support of the university which includes student scholarships, faith formation retreats, and the Christian Youth group.

The delegation met and interviewed scholarship recipients who have been supported financially and prayerfully through contributions from Missio. The Missio scholarships are awarded to clergy, laymen and laywomen, and religious studies students.  Missio helps needy students to study at Bethlehem University to become resourceful members of the society.

Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President, Dr. Muna Matar, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Nahida Al-Arja, faculty member of the Social Sciences Department, and Mr. Ibrahim Nuaimi, Supervisor of Computer Labs, met with the Missio delegation. They shared their experiences of their participation in the International Lasallian Universities Leadership Program which is annually supported by Missio. The program is designed to assist faculty and staff from Lasallian universities to deepen their understanding of the Lasallian mission and values. The participants of the program return to Bethlehem University and become resource persons of the Lasallian mission.  

Missio supports the Christian Youth group at Bethlehem University which aims to help our young people develop a deeper understanding of their faith, to engage them in service to others, and to build a sense of community among them.

The delegation enjoyed a tour around campus and a visit to the Chapel of the Divine Child.

Bethlehem University gratefully acknowledges Missio’s support over the past 17 years. Missio continuously contributes to the educational mission of the university and enhances the work of the church in the Holy Land.

Missio is the Pope’s official charity for overseas mission and is part of the worldwide network of Pontifical Mission Societies. 


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