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05 October 2017

European Union Representatives at BU for a Visit 

The Head of Cooperation, Office of the European Union Representative (West Bank, Gaza, and UNRWA), H.E. Alessandra Viezzer, together with EU Program Manager, Ms. Marzia Dalla Vedova, visited Bethlehem University on Wednesday 4th October.

Brother Denis Loft, Vice President for Advancement, and Dr. Irene Hazou, Academic Vice President, welcomed the delegation on Campus.

Brother Denis talked about the Development Plans of Bethlehem University.

Dr. Irene updated the delegation on Academic Cooperation with the EU. She explained that Bethlehem University has students from the European Union which is enriching for some of our students who have never been in Europe. They spoke of the problems associated with getting appropriate visas for these exchanges.

Alessandra Viezzer discussed possible grant opportunities for Bethlehem University through EU grants like Erasmus.

The visit ended with a short tour around campus.



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