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04 October 2017

Bethlehem University Meets with GIZ 

On Tuesday, 3rd of October, Madame Sabina Gebauer, the Head of the Program TVET and Employment Promotion (TEP) of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), visited Bethlehem University.

Ms. Gebauer met with Brother Denis Loft, FSC, Vice President for Advancement, and Dr. Abeer Musleh to discuss future cooperation between GIZ and Bethlehem University.

Brother Denis welcomed Ms. Gebauer and thanked her for GIZ's support of Bethlehem University. Dr. Abeer shared her perspective of bringing GIZ and the Master program of Social Work at Bethlehem University together.

Ms. Gebauer discussed some potential  joint cooperation opportunities for Bethlehem University to help its graduates to be well prepared for the labor market.

GIZ has made the establishment of Bethlehem University’s career unit possible and funded courses of the Professional Diploma in Public Administration given at the Institute for Community Partnership (ICP).

GIZ is a global service provider in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. It supports the German Government - in particular the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) - in achieving its objectives in this field. GIZ has over 50 years of experience in a wide variety of areas, including economic development and employment, energy and the environment, and peace and security.

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