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22 September 2017

Bethlehem University hosts NET-MED Youth Day

On Thursday, September 14th, 2017, Bethlehem University hosted the EU-funded project Networks of Mediterranean Youth (NET-MED Youth) Day which was organized by UNESCO.

Representatives from the European Union and UNESCO in addition to Palestinian Ministers, academics and hundreds of students from West Bank Universities attended the event.

Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, noted that Bethlehem University was committed to serve the Palestinian people through education as he welcomed everyone to campus. He continued that this was an opportunity for Bethlehem University students to engage with other students from Palestinian Universities.

He explained that both organizations, Bethlehem University and the NET-MED Youth, are committed to help young people take an active role in making changes that are going to make this world a better place by being critical thinkers.

Minister of Education, Sabri Saidam, said that his ministry was working towards developing youth employment by studying the labor market needs and adapting education accordingly.   

Lodovico Folin Calabi, UNESCO’s representative to Palestine, said that the development of Palestine depended on how  youth could become a driving force for positive change. He also expressed how proud they were to support Palestinian youth in becoming active citizens in their society.  

NET-MED Youth day’s objective was to provide a platform for dialogue and policy debate where youth and policy-makers could exchange ideas on issues that concern youth in Palestine. During the event, four parallel round-tables were organized to discuss the themes of NET-MED youth which were policies, media and employment.   

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