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26 May 2017

Bethlehem University Holds Its 41st Graduation Ceremony

On May 25 and 26, 2017, Bethlehem University held its Forty-First Graduation Ceremony in the Auditorium during which a total of 719 graduates from the five faculties walked across the stage to receive their diplomas.

The ceremony, which was hosted by Dr. Said Ayyad, Chairman of the Arabic Department, was attended by His Excellency Most Reverend Giuseppe Lazzarotto, Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Chancellor of Bethlehem University, Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD, Vice Chancellor, Abeer Odeh, Minister of National Economy, Major General Jibreen Al-Bakri, Governor of Bethlehem, His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Majeed Al-Amarna, Mufti of Bethlehem, Anton Salman, Mayor of Bethlehem, Dr. Mohammed Rizek, head of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society-Bethlehem, Nicola Khamis, Mayor of Beit Jala, Sami Mrua, head of the Bethlehem Directorate of Education, Fayez Al-Saca, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Fuad Salem on behalf of the Bethlehem Governorate, and the Bethlehem University Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, along with the families and friends of the graduates.

In his opening remarks, Brother Peter Bray extended warm congratulations to the graduates and their parents saying, “I remember speaking to you from this very stage four years ago as you were about to embark on this journey. Your hard work has allowed you reach where you are today.” He encouraged the graduates to keep seeking knowledge even after they graduate saying, “Learning never ends; you will leave Bethlehem University, and yet you will continue to learn every day.”

Speaking on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Amal Hadweh commended the graduates for their hard work and congratulated them for their achievements.

Class of 2017 Salutatorian, Raneen Kassis delivered the graduation address saying, “We are entering a new stage of our lives that might be full of difficulties and challenges, but our hope for a better future will drive us to overcome these challenges.”

In her speech to the graduates, Ayda Hamdan, Class of 2017 Valedictorian, said, “It is our duty to contribute to building Palestinian society despite the challenges our people face.”

During the ceremony, former Mayor of Bethlehem, Vera Baboun recognized Brother Joseph Loewenstein, FSC, EdD, first Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, with an honorary citizenship of the city of Bethlehem. Musa Darwish, former director of Public Relations at the University, congratulated Brother Joe saying, “You have come to us an American and will leave us a Palestinian.”

At the end of the ceremony, deans of faculties called upon their graduates to receive their degrees and diplomas from Brother Peter Bray, His Excellency Most Reverend Giuseppe Lazzarotto, and Dr. Irene Hazou, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The Forty-First Graduation Ceremony

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