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25 April 2017

Professor Lueny Morell Hosted at Bethlehem University

On Monday, April 10, 2017, Bethlehem University hosted Professor Lueny Morell to give a lecture titled “Addressing 21st Century Global and Higher Education Trends.”

Professor Morell is a Chemical Engineering professor at the University of Puerto Rico and the founder and director of InnovaHiEd, a network of world famous academic experts who offer services to help higher education providers improve their teaching methods and transform the education system. 

Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President of Bethlehem University, introduced Professor Morell and her husband, Professor Waldemar Ramírez, who are members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (EOHSJ) and are part of a group of Puerto Rican pilgrims that have been organizing visits to the Holy Land for twelve years. The pilgrims’ dedication to the support of the education of youth in Bethlehem is reflected through the Puerto Rico - Bethlehem University Scholarship. Professor Morell was touched to meet the scholarship recipients, Jeries Tafish and Serina Al-Massu, and wished them the best of luck in their studies.

In her lecture, Professor Morell highlighted the shortcomings of the higher education system in the 21st century, offering innovative ways to overcome those limitations. She urged professors to limit the time of lectures and to encourage student involvement through workshops and interactive courses. The eye-opening lecture was attended by Brother Peter Bray, FSC, Vice Chancellor, as well as members of faculty, staff, and students.

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