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10 April 2017

Bethlehem University’s Faculty of Education Holds Workshop Titled “Storytelling Activities”  

In April of 2017, Bethlehem University’s Faculty of Education collaborated with the Tamer Institute for Community, Dar Al-Fata Al-Arabi, Yes Theatre, and the Al-Nasera Girls School in Beit Sahour to sponsor a day of cultural programming for students and educators. The event, “Storytelling Activities,” included several workshops and a book exhibition.

Dr. Hala Yamani, Dean of the Faculty of Education, opened the activities with a few words about the cultural benefits of the workshop programming, saying that “stories are a part of our lives, and an important part of the way we teach and learn.” Following Dr. Yamani’s welcome, Executive Vice-President of Bethlehem University Dr. Michael Sansur welcomed the 5th and 6th grade students from Al-Nasera School, expressing his hopes that some of them would one day enroll at Bethlehem University and pursue careers as educators in Palestine. Mr. Sami Mrua, head of the Bethlehem Directorate of Education, thanked Bethlehem University for hosting the event and expressed how proud he is of the University and its graduates. The workshops commenced after the conclusion of the opening ceremony.

In addition to a writing workshop and a storytelling workshop, the day’s programming featured a presentation on educational theatre. The theatre workshop focused on teaching Bethlehem University’s education majors how to craft and use puppets as a complementary teaching tool for children’s books, with the goal of fostering early childhood literacy by creating a fun and engaging classroom setting. Representatives from all of the organizations involved in the day’s programming expressed optimism about the potential for continued collaboration on efforts to innovate the field of Education in Palestine.

Faculty of Education- Storytelling Activities

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