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14 March 2017

Association Bethlehem University Switzerland Visits Bethlehem University

On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, Bethlehem University was visited by a delegation from some of its oldest and most important donors: the Association Bethlehem University (ABU) Switzerland. ABU has been supporting Bethlehem University financially and ideologically since 1979, six years after the University’s establishment. The delegation included Prof. Dr. Heinrich Koller, President of ABU, Ms. Erika Burri the new managing director at ABU, who is visiting for the first time, and Dr. h.c. Hans-Rudolf Stoll, a prestigious expert in the field of palliative care in Switzerland, who is supporting the new Oncology and Palliative Care program in the Faculty of Nursing.

The delegation began their visit by meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Ms. Mariam Awad, to discuss the possibility of enhancing the level of specialization in the health sector and the need to create a Master’s degree in Oncology at Bethlehem University to serve the current program and maintain its sustainability.

Afterwards, Prof. Koller and Ms. Burri had the chance to gain some deep insight into the history and significance of the Chapel of the Divine Child before meeting with Br. Peter Bray, FSC, EdD, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, and Br. Stephen Tuohy, FSC, Vice President for Advancement. The strategic exchange was used to outline the ongoing and future projects at the University, including the relocation of the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism to the Mount David site, the development and expansion of the Faculty of Nursing, and the planning of the new Visitors' and Fitness Center. Prior to concluding the meeting with a lunch prepared by the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, the visitors had the chance to meet with Student Ambassador Ghadeer Khateb who told them about her life and experiences as a Bethlehem University student. Ms. Burri also met with the Advancement Office to exchange ideas on future joint social media and marketing projects. She was able to accompany several students to their homes in nearby villages for a photo project.

Bethlehem University is highly appreciative of the work that the Association Bethlehem University does and is thankful to everyone connected to ABU for their support.

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